Surveillance of social media is the act of listening for conversations concerning your business that are pertinent.

Businesses partake in observing social media for a variety of factors, like interacting with their clients, giving customer service, evaluating their social media coverage, or perceiving social media patterns.

Businesses employ the use of social media tracking applications to assemble social reviews and monitor search terms, hashtags, and web page addresses which are of relevance to them.

Social media surveillance is also sometimes referred to as social hearing.

Best social media monitoring tools for SMBs

The below-listed social media surveillance programs are fantastic in their own way and will accommodate various social media observation requirements.

For instance, some monitoring applications are independent and others are included with a social media management program. People collect individual posts and communications on social media while others study groups of social media material and tendencies.

1. Buffer Reply

All your social engagement in one team inbox

21 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools For Small And Medium Businesses

Buffer Reply coordinates and consolidates the interactions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram into orderly talks that can all be observed in a single joint inbox. You will have all of the details that are necessary to customize your replies for every customer. It’s a piece of cake to include emojis and GIFs.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram

Rates begin at $50 a month and ascend to $250 per month.

Once you have explored all the options and suspect Buffer Reply may meet your requirements, we would be delighted if you viewed our webinar concerning how to interact with your clients using Buffer Reply.

2. Hootsuite

Effectively track topics that matter—then respond quickly

As a component of their entire suite of social media management resources, Hootsuite’s watching instrument is available. If you decide to get one of their plans, you will also be able to gain access to features like setting appointments and examining data.

Using Hootsuite, you have the option to create an unlimited number of streams of social media materials including posts about you, chosen words, hashtags, and places. Moreover, Hootsuite can work with more than one hundred various applications so that you are capable of doing a greater number of activities using its dashboard.

Platforms that can be used include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and web logs, discussion boards, and other sites.

Fees: No cost, 19 dollars a month, 99 dollars a month, 499 dollars a month, and corporate rate

3. Sprout Social

Intelligent, real-time social media monitoring with Sprout

Sprout Social’s social media managing system has features akin to Hootsuite’s, such as tools for keeping track of and interacting with people on social networks. Sprout Social has two distinct functions that are used for the purpose of observing and interacting on social media.

The Smart Inbox will display all of your updates from social media and incoming messages. The discovery tool enables you to scour various social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, for specific terms – like when someone speaks about your company without tagging your account.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+

The cost per head is $99 monthly, $149 each month, and $249 per thirty days.

4. Agorapulse

Discover what people are really saying about your business

Agorapulse is an all-inclusive social media management tool with the capability to schedule, monitor, participate in social conversations, and analyze data.

Your inbox will store all your mentions from social networking sites, and you can use its listening feature to look for keywords, addresses, and user names on Twitter. You can use Agorapulse to keep track of remarks posted on your Facebook/Instagram advertisements.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

The cost every month is $49, $99, $199 and $299 respectively.

5. Zoho Social

Social media management software for growing businesses

Zoho Social is a control panel for which one can use to put out and plan posts, pay attention to social experiences, and study the efficacy of their social media campaigns.

On the Zoho Social control board, you will be able to obtain current information concerning the manner in which individuals are connecting with your businesses.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+

Costs: Complimentary, Ten Dollars per month, Fifty Dollars per month, One Thousand Dollars annually, and One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars annually

6. Brand24

Smart social media monitoring for businesses of all sizes

Brand24 provides a cost-effective way for those seeking an in-depth exploration of social media monitoring. In addition to the principal social media channels, Brand24 also takes notice of blogs, discussion groups and other websites for posts specifically about your company.

Brand24 collects your mentions, allowing for responses. Furthermore, it assesses your social media range, reactions, attitude, and other elements.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, and more

Charge: $49 monthly, $99 every month, and $399 every month

7. Mention

Media monitoring made simple

21 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools For Small And Medium Businesses

Mention is not just limited to tracking discussion about your company on social media – it also watches for references to your business on a variety of websites including Yelp,, Tripadvisor, and Amazon. On its tailor-made corporate plan, you can obtain comprehensive information and accounts of your company’s references.

If you link your social media accounts to Mention, you can respond to any mentions on the platform without having to go elsewhere. You have the option to integrate a Buffer profile and put together your social media postings in advance.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, and more

The cost of the service is $29 monthly, $99 monthly, and a special fee for enterprise plans.

8. Social Mention

Real-time social media search and analysis

Do not mistake Social Mention for the one mentioned earlier; it is a no-cost search engine that looks for user’s online posts all over the internet. You can utilize this to detect and estimate the conversations regarding your business and products on social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and blogs.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and other websites

Price: Free

9. Keyhole

Hashtag tracking for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Lexiophiles Keyhole offers trend identification, intelligence, and assessment relevant to hashtags, keywords, or accounts that you have chosen. Gathering data and reporting results is improved when compared to replying on social media mentions.

You can give the tools a trial run by availing of the complimentary hashtag, keyword, and account monitoring services.

Platforms supported: Twitter and Instagram

The cost for the service is $165 a month, $349 a month, $599 a month, $999 a month, and by request for enterprise pricing.

10. Trackur

Simple, fast, and affordable social media monitoring

Like Keyhole, Trackur is a monitoring and analytics tool. This tool can be used to discover any references to your brand or relevant key words that may exist on different social media platforms, blog sites, discussion forums, and more. Additionally, it can measure sentiment and influence levels from these mentions.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogs, forums, and more

The cost is $97 a month, $197 a month, and $447 a month.

11. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a technology platform that enables a person to access data from different blogs, forums, social media accounts, news outlets, and rating websites. It also provides analysis of the retrieved data, allowing users to gain insights and utilize it. This tool provides you with an understanding of what your clients are saying about your company online and the manner in which they are expressing their opinions.

By utilizing Brandwatch, you can get an idea of how much your brand is being mentioned in comparison to your competition. You have the capacity to track the opinion of your brand in real-time, identify the demographic of your target audience, and determine the matters they are particularly interested in.

This service also gives you the capability to make your data come alive with its data visualization tool. This means, any data can be represented in a graphical form that makes the difficult numerical figures simple to interpret.

Price: Starts at $108 per month

12. gives users access to market intelligence and analysis gotten from different internet-based sources. The service gathers information from social sites, web-based news outlets, blogs and forums, and photo/video hosting services to supply its users with audience data.

This tool provides you with the ability to measure your presence on social media, akin to Keyhole and Brandwatch. This is the share of your corporation’s references versus that of your rival.

Getting more intriguing, has the capability to advise you if your brand is referenced on false news websites.

They keep track of any fresh articles on 2,000 phony news sites and warn you promptly as soon as your company is mentioned; this provides assistance in dealing with a negative reputation before the problem gets out of hand.

Price: Starts at $299 per service per month

13. Digimind

Digimind is an innovative program offering an attractive depiction of how well your brand is doing in the social media sphere.

With this resource, it is possible to observe your own social media updates and do a comparison with other companies. Seeing how your brand and/or item compares to others in the same field.

This platform provides insights into how people perceive your brand online, in addition to offering useful information about your customers.

You can access your information through Digimind’s smartphone app.

Price: Custom

14. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is extraordinarily practical if you are searching for a straightforward tracking system. This program searches through the internet and notifies you when your brand or product is brought up.

You have the ability to select the locations from where you’d like to receive notifications and the spoken languages to which you should be alerted. You can pick the sources of your alerts, including blogs, news sites, and discussion boards.

Price: Free

15. Meltwater

Meltwater allows you to observe conversations pertaining to your business on social media, including tracking brand mentions and monitoring campaigns in real time.

The AI utilized by Meltwater helps you keep an ear out for discussions taking place on social media and gives you access to data from the past regarding your target viewers, aiding you in devising more enlightened marketing strategies.

Furthermore, this platform provides the opportunity for you to delve more deeply into your audience data. This will enable you to uncover the exact groups of people that are taking part in conversations about your brand and also identify individuals influential within them.

Meltwater offers the same capabilities as many other applications in this selection for managing a presence on social media. You can use this to organize your postings, decide when they will appear, and converse with your followers in one central place.

Price: Custom

16. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a program which scans the web and social media platforms in order to examine and follow mentions and key phrases across websites, news sources, social media networks, discussion forums, etc.

This service monitors significant data concerning your business, competitors, goods, etc. and shows it in an easily accessible control panel.

The system also makes use of its “Social Intelligence Guide” to furnish you with knowledge based off of facts and figures. An example of the main topics include the most noteworthy mentions, the best times to create a post, and distinguishing trolls.

Price: $49 – $299 per month

17. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a tremendously potent social media tracking software that additionally furnishes a social monitoring option.

The Modern Research tool enables you to obtain a broad spectrum, detail-oriented and up-to-date understanding of the global dialogue, trends and those in power involved in your sector – all accessible in one platform.

This program aids in assessing your social media progress in relation to your competitors. Furthermore, they assist in recognizing potential issues before they have the chance to become present, enabling you to make educated selections.

Price: Custom

18. NetBase

NetBase offers a variety of customer experience utilities, including the capacity to keep track of social networks. This technology works by utilizing a natural language processing engine to give a precise understanding of human speech in 199 distinct languages.

NetBase LIVE Pulse provides immediate understanding of what is currently popular and what is being said, enabling you to easily adjust your objectives accordingly. You can track progress towards those objectives, combining organic and paid metrics, and explore deeper insights.

NetBase promises to provide you with an in-depth comprehension of what customers enjoy, care about, and do, in order to spur on customer experience projects and enable wiser, more rapid business choices.

Price: Custom

19. Reputation

Reputation provides comprehensive services for social media publishing, as well as keeping an eye on your presence online.

Nuvi offers an extremely powerful customer experience control platform – with their Listen feature, you can track far more than just hashtags. You can keep an eye on keywords, URLs, themes, social media accounts and more by using this tool.

This instrument offers the capacity to recognize tendencies and discover chances to broaden your audience, as well as construct superior encounters for your patrons.

Nuvi provides you with audience details from various platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, VK, Stack Overflow, and thousands of blogs and RSS feeds that are supplemented on a regular basis.

Price: Custom

20. SharedCount

SharedCount tracks popular content in your industry. Put the address of a web page into the tool, and it will tell you the current number of shares which the content has received.

You can utilize this instrument to look over numerous URLs at the same time and download them as CSV records.

Price: $40 – $640 per month

21. Awario

Awario is an advanced social media and web surveillance utility that analyses 13 billion webpages on a daily basis to collect information about your viewers. These observations involve the amount of times talked about, emotion recognition, the most prominent influencers across separate mediums, and the accomplishment/advancement assessment.

This company provides a social media customer service, allowing you to be immediately available when your customers need assistance. The tool notifies you when an essential discussion is gaining momentum.

This assists you in arranging customer service demands according to the effect they can have on your company.

Price: $39 – $399 per month


Although the tools aforementioned are all social media monitoring apps, they contrast in small and large aspects and are beneficial to different requirements. Make sure to find one suitable for your company.

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